About Us

At Insureu, we have been in the insurance and investment business for over 13 years, and we know how to get you the best deal on your insurance. We are a group of independently-run insurance agencies; our brokers can help you understand how to get affordable health insurance, why investment planning is important, and much more. Finding the right insurance for yourself can be confusing, and our staff is happy to assist you with any questions you may have. If you are looking for cheap health insurance, term life insurance quotes, or tax savings plans, we can help.

We are experienced in helping you find the perfect coverage to fit your needs. We currently offer the following:

• Life insurance
• Health insurance
• Personal accident insurance
• Critical illness insurance
• Accidental death insurance
• Property insurance
• Specialty liability insurance

We can also assist you with risk-management consulting, retirement plans, and benefit plans. Our brokers are always courteous and professional, and we will work with you to determine your unique situation and what will be beneficial to you. The right insurance coverage is important, and we respect our client's individual insurance and investment needs.

Contact us today to speak with a broker and discuss health insurance quotes, or compare life insurance plans. At Insureu, we provide each individual with excellent customer service, personalized attention, and the knowledge to make the right choice when it comes to protecting yourself for the future. You cannot always know what the future will bring, but you can prepare for it. Let us help you get prepared for what may come with an affordable insurance option or savings strategy, and plan for your future to be the best it can be.

Section 1 : Life Insurance

1..Personal Life Insurance

Figuring out how to take care of your loved ones once you have gone is not one of those things you want to put off. Protect your loved ones and contact us to get cheap life insurance quotes so you can prepare. Life insurance coverage is one of the most important protections to have for yourself. We have many cheap life insurance options available. Having life insurance coverage means that you can make sure things are taken care of when you can no longer provide for them. Getting a life insurance quote today is an important start to planning for your future.

At Insureu, we can help you find affordable life insurance, talk to you about accidental death insurance, and give you a life insurance quote so you can have peace of mind. We will work with you to find the best life insurance policy for your needs, and we have many affordable life insurance options. There are two basic types of life insurance: term and permanent life insurance.

What is term life insurance?

Term insurance is a policy that covers you for a set amount of time, the term of the policy. When the term is up you may renew, but the payment or coverage may change. If you are looking for cheap life insurance, this may be the best life insurance for you. Permanent policies include whole life insurance and universal life insurance. Whole carries the highest life insurance rates, but both it and universal life insurance cover the insured until death with a payment that does not change. Universal life insurance rates are typically in the middle. What is term life insurance for? In short, risk-protection. Here at Insureu, we can go over term insurance quotes with you, or review the other life insurance types as well. We will work hard to get you the best life insurance rates possible.

2. Key Person Insurance

When you run a business, losing a person who is important in your day-to-day functioning can be devastating. Our professional staff at Insureu would love to speak with you about key person insurance. This is one of many life insurance types, but it specifically provides coverage to your business in the case of the loss of an important person. Key person life insurance compares to other types insurance in that it provides a benefit to your business if the key person dies. The amount you receive will be dependant on your coverage, but this money can help balance against losses you may incur when you lose someone who is integral to your business's operation.

Who Is a Key Person?

Your business is important to you, so protect it with a policy that will keep you functioning when the unexpected happens. We will work with you to come up with a plan that will work for your business so you can have peace of mind moving forward. Remember that a key person can be anyone in your company that would be hard to replace because of their special knowledge, responsibilities, or training. Consider carrying this type of insurance for anyone who might fall into this category.

If you are looking for cheap life insurance quotes for your business, contact Insureu today. We are experienced with helping businesses protect themselves for the future. When you lose a key person in your business, you may experience financial losses as you seek to replace that person. To see how our life insurance compares to others you may have looked at, contact us today for life insurance quotes. We can give you either term life insurance quotes, or whole life insurance quotes for the key person in your business.

3.Business Partners Insurance
Small businesses are often comprised of just one or two people who run the business. You and your partner work closely with one another to get everything done and keep the business running. If something were to happen to your business partner, it would take time to replace them, and you would need to figure out how to buy your partner's share of the business from their next-of-kin. Carrying business partner insurance is a great way to cover your bases in case of a loss. At Insureu, we can give you term insurance quotes or permanent insurance quotes for your business partner.

Do I Really Need Insurance For My Partner?

You may be wondering if it is really necessary to carry this type of insurance for your business partner. We understand that you have a bottom line to protect. It may seem like an extra cost now, but in the long run it can save your business from disaster. No one can fully know how their business will change once an important part of the company is gone. Having the financial stability to make it through a tough change can be the difference between making it and closing up shop. Our affordable life insurance rates make obtaining coverage an easy choice.

No insurance plan can ever fully replace what you have lost when your partner is gone, but it can sure help keep your business going financially while you re-build what has been lost. To compare life insurance types for your business partner, give us a call today. Our friendly staff is experienced with how a small business operates. We can help you decide on the perfect life insurance coverage so you can protect your company's future.

Section 2 : Health Insurance

1. Disability Insurance

One type of personal insurance that many people do not consider getting is disability insurance. It is easy to think that life will continue on as it always has and not plan for an emergency. However, when a disaster strikes and you find yourself facing months or even years of being unable to work, you will want to know that you can continue on with your life. No one ever plans on becoming disabled, but you never know what the future will bring. Even if you are young, stay away from high-risk activities, and don't drink, it is never a bad idea to plan for your future. A good plan has a strategy in place for if great things happen and also a strategy for dealing with catastrophe.

Here is where disability insurance comes into play. If you are unable to work, this personal insurance will provide the financial stability you need to pay your bills on time. Most people have a mortgage, a car payment, and credit card payments among other things. Make the wise decision to have a strategy in place so that you can continue making those payments if you are unable to work due to a disability. We can give you the tools you need to adapt to a future that may look different that what you had expected.

Prepare For Your Future

Our friendly staff here at Insureu is here to help you plan for your future needs. Let us help you decide what type of coverage is best for your situation. Not everyone's life is the same, and we are here to help you plan and prepare for your own future. We are experienced in the field and will talk you through the different types of personal insurance available to you so that are prepared for any scenario that you may face.

2. Critical Illness Insurance

Typically when you get sick, it may mean a few days of rest and being away from work. However, sometimes a small sickness turns into a critical illness where you may need to miss a lot of work. You may even need to be hospitalized short-term or long-term. When you have a serious illness that you have to deal with and you don't carry critical illness insurance, it could mean that you are unable to provide for you or your family. Insureu provides this type of health insurance plan and our professional staff can assist you with any questions you may have regarding this type of policy. If you want affordable health insurance for peace of mind and a smaller hit to your wallet, we can help.

Why Do I need Critical Illness Insurance?

Some things we just can't plan for. You don't know if you will be faced with cancer or some other major illness that will change your life. When you are in the hospital, not only can you not work, but you will also start accruing major medical bills. You may need to make major life changes, and you may not have another person in your home who can pay the bills. Choosing from health insurance plans that include critical illness coverage will give you the freedom to pay for your medical treatment and still take care of the important things in your life while you are ill.

Please contact us today at Insureu to discuss ways we can help you prepare for a critical illness in your life. We have many affordable health insurance plans available that will cover you in your time of need. Having adequate personal health insurance is important so that you can take care of your responsibilities no matter what may come your way.

3. Group Insurance/Employee Benefits Plan

Running a business means taking care of your employees. One way to do this is to provide an employee benefits plan. Benefits can include health care insurance, vision coverage, dental insurance, 401K, and other items as well. If you are looking for affordable group health insurance coverage, Insureu has many options available. If you are looking to attract new employees to your business, or help retain the ones you already have, let us help you set up an enticing benefits package for the people who support your business.

If they don't already have coverage, your employees may be trying to figure out how to get affordable health insurance. By providing them with this benefit, you increase your company's value in your employees eyes. Not only that, but a happy employee is a more productive employee. Everyone wins in this scenario. A job is more valuable to an employee when it includes benefits like health care insurance because this enables them to better care for their family. A good job provides security and care in exchange for hard work and dedication.

Contact us today to get health insurance quotes for your business. We have over 13 years of experience and are well-versed in how to set up a business with coverage that makes everyone happy. We want to make purchasing your insurance plan a quick and easy process so you can get back to what matters most: your company. We also know that both you and your employees want an affordable option. We can make that a reality. Paying for group health insurance through their employer is often more affordable for your employees than going out on their own and trying to obtain individual health insurance plans. Your employees will thank you when they know they are well-cared for by the company they work for.

4.Visitor’s to Canada/Travel/New immigrant’s to Canada Health Insurance

Traveling can be a fun and exciting experience. Seeing new things, meeting new people, and exploring all that another country has to offer is a thrilling enterprise. When you are traveling and you get sick or have an accident, it is another thing. Being away from what you know, your personal doctor, and the hospitals you are familiar with can be scary. What is worse, is not knowing if your health coverage will extend to the facilities and professionals you need. At Insureu, we can help you personal accident insurance and personal health insurance that will cover you as you embark on your journey.

But Canada Isn’t Really That Different; Is It?

In Canada, the health care system is managed by the government. Personal health insurance doesn’t exist in the way that it does in the United States. Whether you are going to be traveling to Canada short-term, or you are planning on moving to Canada, we have an insurance policy that is right for you. When you are a new immigrant in Canada, you are not eligible for government-run health care coverage. You will need to make sure that you are covered if something happens and you need to see a doctor. You don't want to be caught without insurance when you really need it.

Travel insurance is a smart move when you know you will be leaving the country. You want to make sure that you can receive medical attention when you need it most. We offer affordable individual health insurance so you can spend more money on your trip and less money on health coverage. Contact us today at Insureu to speak to our friendly, experienced staff about insurance for your trip to Canada. We will make sure you have the coverage you need to make your trip a great one.

5. Health/Dental/Drug Plans
There are many different options available when it comes to choosing from health insurance plans. Which one is right for you and your family? You may consider what coverage you really need, how much you can afford to spend, and whether your family physician is covered by a plan or not. At Insureu, we offer individual health insurance plans that won't break the bank. With more than 13 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff can walk you through what is available and answer any questions you may have.

What Type Of Coverage is Available?

If you are looking for dental plans, affordable individual health insurance plans, or prescription drug plans, we have something for you. Having adequate coverage for you and your family is important. If you have an unexpected large medical expense come up, it is good to know that you will be covered. When you or your family members needs a dental cleaning or a cavity filled, you want to be sure that they can get the work done. If you have a prescription that needs to be filled, it can get very pricey paying out-of-pocket and the right coverage will make it easier to afford your medication. At Insureu, we strive to provide you with excellent customer service and help you obtain the insurance that is right for you.

Paying for health coverage is money well-spent. You can rest at ease, knowing that you and your family will be taken care of if something happens. The right medical coverage can mean that you get to see the best specialist to take care of your exact needs. The right dental coverage may mean that you are covered for an otherwise extremely expensive dental procedure that you could not have afforded otherwise. The right prescription drug coverage can mean paying $15 instead of $150. Contact us today to see what is available to you.

Section 3 : Investments

1.Group RRSP’s or Pension Plans

Are you considering setting up a savings and investment plan for you employees? One option is a group RRSP, or registered retirement savings plan. This type of account is a great option for creating a tax savings plan that will provide your employees with added value to their benefits package. At Insureu, we are experienced with giving our clients advice on the best investments for their situation.

What Is A Group RRSP?

A registered retirement savings plan is a way to set money aside, tax-deferred, for the future. Each month, your employees can put money into the account without paying taxes on it, and it will grow in interest over time. This is an excellent way to save for the future and a retirement savings account is an important part of planning for what will happen when you retire. You do not have to pay taxes on the money until you withdraw it. Money is taken out of payroll checks and deposited into the account automatically each month. Your employees can decide how much money to withdraw and they get the tax benefit each month.

Investment planning can be a tricky area for business owners who may not have previous experience setting these type of accounts up for their employees. At Insureu, we are equipped to handle your business's unique challenges and needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have, and help you set up a registered savings plan to compliment your employee benefit package.

2.Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
Are you looking for tax savings plans that can also help you save for your future retirement? A RRSP, or registered retirement savings plan, could be an excellent fit for you. This type of account helps you set aside money without paying taxes on it initially so it can grow in interest for a future date. You don’t have to pay taxes on the amount until you withdraw it. At Insureu, we have over 13 years of experience in investments and would love to help you learn how to save money and plan for retirement.

If you are starting to invest your money so you will be financially stable when you retire, you will want a monthly retirement savings plan. Setting aside a determined amount of money each month will build slowly over time. If you invest that money, it will have the chance to grow into an amount that will support you as you grow older. Take a look at our retirement investment calculator to help you determine how much money you should be setting aside each month. Then, contact us so we can help you get started.

Investment planning is something that we know and love here at Insureu. Our friendly and professional staff are happy to discuss options for your future. We will go over the retirement investment calculator with you, discuss your monthly retirement savings plan, and give you options for investing your money. Your retirement savings account should be able to support you when you need it to. Let us help you make that a reality.

3.Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

Are you considering how to save for your child's post-secondary education? Many parents wonder how they will help their children get through school when the costs keep going up. There are many different ways to save and invest money for your children to use when they are ready to go to a post-secondary institution. At Insureu, we can go over your options for saving for this important life stage.

What Is An RESP?

One option available to parents is an RESP, or registered education savings plan. This type of registered savings plan allows your child to remove money from the account at their own tax rate (which is typically very low for young adults just starting out on their own) to be used for their education. The money accrues interest while it is in the account, and can be a good source of income for young adults attending school. Your child can use the money to pay for books, housing, tuition, and school supplies. This money can come in handy when your child is learning how to balance studying, attending classes, and possibly working.

If you are a parent, it is never too early to start planning for your child's future. If you want to start saving money for their education, please contact us to discuss what is available for your family. Your children are important to you, and we enjoy helping families support their children through their education. An RESP is a valuable tool in your investment portfolio. Let us show you how this account can help you.