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InSureU auto insurance is more than just quality coverage. With access to innovative tools, money-saving discounts and a local agent, it’s easy to make sure you’re covering all your bases. Read on to see all that InSureU has to offer.

Best, cheap auto or car insurance does not mean that you have the best deals in the markets. Understanding coverages and having the best sales, after sales and claim services are all equally essential elements when designing an automobile policy. At InSureU Brokers, we strive to give you the best knowledgeable service, because all our licensed brokers and staff are well equipped with top industry knowledge, and maintain their up to date continuing education. At the same time, we will discuss all the key facts relating to your specific situations to come up with the most appropriate solution. We would do our best to help you if you have a bad record, are a Newly Licensed Driver or any other difficult situation which might need our special assistance.

There are many discounts you can avail to save cost on expensive auto insurance in Ontario. Some of the discounts may include and are not limited to;

• Combining Car with Home, Condo or Apartment
• Combining 2 or More Vehicles
• Choosing correct deductible
• Age Discount
• Winter Tyres Discount
• Loyalty Discount
• Claims Free and Conviction/Tickets Infractions Free Discount
• Short Commute Discount
• Children away at University or College Discount
• Graduated or Drivers Training Discount
• North American Driving experience discount
• Corporate/Association Group Employee/Member discount

Our brokers will discuss to incorporate as many discounts as possible to save you money on Car/Auto Insurance. An independent broker is your best bet to get the best rates, quality service and independent opinion which is client focussed. New drivers and drivers with difficult record are welcome as well.

InSureU Supports Canadian family values and diversity, and we serve you in many different languages to make you as comfortable as possible.

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What risks does your policy cover?

It depends on your level of coverage, but standard auto insurance
policies will typically help pay to repair damage caused by
certain risks, or perils, including:

Windstorm or hail
Falling objects
Partial or Total Loss