Life Insurance


Leave a legacy behind.

Life Insurance that provides complete coverage to your family.

Your family is your most important asset, and you want to make sure they are covered in the unfortunate event anything ever happens to you. Whenever fate takes the life of one of the breadwinners of a household, it not only leaves behind the medical costs associated with the tragedy, it also creates a financial void that can threaten the security of his or her family. Here at InsureU, we can help you ensure that your family’s needs are in good hands.

Types of Life Insurance Available

We are dedicated to offering a full suite of life insurance products in Ontario that fulfill all your expectations, delivering a complete peace of mind.

Whole Life Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Disability Insurance

Personal Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Types of Risk Covered

Getting a life insurance can protect your family against losing everything to debt. Here are some costs covered under life insurance:

Medical Bills

Funeral Expenses


Living Expenses

Overdue Debts

Children’s College Education

Life, Critical & Disability Insurance


Figuring out how to take care of yourself or your loved ones once you are hit with a life-threatening illness or Life itself. Life insurance coverage is one of the most important protections to have for yourself or even for your business continuity. We have many strategies with tailored solutions to protect yourself or plan such protections through your business. Talk to one of our experts to learn more about it.


When you run a business, losing a person who is important in your day-to-day functioning can be devastating. Our professional staff at Insureu would love to speak with you about key person insurance. This is one of many life insurance types, but it specifically provides coverage to your business in the case of the loss of an important person. Key person life insurance compares to other types of insurance in that it provides a benefit to your business if the key person dies. The amount you receive will be dependent on your coverage, but this money can help balance against losses you may incur when you lose someone who is integral to your business’s operation.


Small businesses are often comprised of just one or two people who run the business. You and your partner work closely with one another to get everything done and keep the business running. If something were to happen to your business partner, it would take time to replace them, and you would need to figure out how to buy your partner’s share of the business from their next-of-kin. Carrying business partner insurance is a great way to cover your bases in case of a loss. At Insureu, we can plan right strategies to help you protect each partner’s financial interest.


What our clients say about InsureU

Hemen Modi, CEO TWG Design

"I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Sanjay and his team at InSureU for the work they do to support our insurance needs in various products. Sanjay is a a thorough professional and I cannot thank enough for standing up with us when we needed them the most and he delivered his promise."

Alan Kwong, CEO PE PharmEng

"InSureU under the leadership of their President Sanjay is providing various insurance services for over 15 years to us, and been delivered professionally with competitive rates. Sanjay has been protecting our business with utmost sincerity like his own business. I have no hesitation in recommending InSureU for any types of insurance products be it is personal, business or commercial. Thank you InSureU."

Robert and Maria Vomiero

"We value Sanjay’s personalized service, responsiveness and support in all our insurance requirements. His advice and expertise has been valuable and appreciated in assisting us with our present and future insurance needs for the last 20 years."


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